Richard Brinegar

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Community Events

Are you in a career transition? Join us on Friday, August 26, from 3 to 5 p.m.

Career Transition and Networking Meetup—Pasadena EU

We discuss a different topic at each meet-up having to do with job search and networking. We are actively looking for seasoned professionals in all disciplines who may qualify to join the Experience Unlimited Networking Group—Pasadena Chapter....

Friday Evening Practice in Pasadena

West LA Water Boxing (Liu He Ba Fa a.k.a. "Hua Yue Tai Chi")

Water Boxing or Liu He Ba Fa (sometimes referred to as "Hua Yue Tai Chi" although many of the principles of Liu He Ba Fa differ from those of tai chi) helps to move chi around the body, making it great for overall health and wellness. In...

Beginner Salsa Class

Pasadena Salsa Dancers

Hey there Dancers! Class Info:• This class is great for beginners. We will always start with basic, timing and hold and then move into an intermediate pattern as well as some technique.• Cash or check payments please•  Usually I will be...